KAYA K7 Carbon Riser

تولیدکننده : KAYA
تاریخ افزوده شدن : 2015-11-30
تاریخ آخرین بروزرسانی : 2015-11-30
KAYA K7 Carbon Riser

K7 Carbon

• Length : 25"
• Weight : 1280 g/2.8 lbs
• Type : RH/LH
• Color : Black/Blue/Red/White


100% Pure Carbon Riser

Carbon is an incresingly popular non-metalic material commonly used for Archery Bows. Although expensive. It is light weight, corrosion-resistant and strong and can be formed into almost any shape desired. The result is the K7 Carbon Riser that can be fine tunes for specific strength where it is needed.

KAYA K7 Carbon Riser is designed with feature fo vibration damping that is strong in any shootings and forms. The ability to design a 100% pure carbon with propertise that vary by orientation cannot be accomplished with any metal risers. This carbon material provides light weight as well as high strength. It has also suggested a long period of time.

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